Demo databases 

The ToposPro program package includes free demo databases. The complete set of the database requires payment. You may use the complete dataset for free via our remote service.

Total entries:

TTD (TOPOS Topological Database)
Collection contains the information on topological types of simple periodic nets and finite graphs. The TTD collection is used for automatic determination and classification of topologies of crystal structures and structural units with the ADS program.
17,478 190,750
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TTO (Topological Types Observed)
Collection matches topological types of abstract nets and graphs collected in the TTD with examples of real crystal structures.
122 1,829,609
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TTR (Topological Types Relations)
Collection is based on the TTO collection and lists all ways of transformation from one net to another that are realized in crystal structures.
- 5,977
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TTS collection (Topological Type Samples)
Collection contains 14,832 topological type samples of underlying nets obtained by simplification of 13,644 real crystal structures. Fragments of different dimensions are represented in it: 0D (40,4%), 1D (4,7%), 2D (15,3%), 3D (39,6%).
- 14,832
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TTM (Topological Types of Molecules)
Collection is a large database of molecules, their sizes, forms, and connection modes in crystals.
260 402,618
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TTN (Topological Types of Nanoclusters)
Collection contains the data on chemical composition, topological structure and connection modes of polyshell nanoclusters in intermetallic compounds.
102 2,017
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TTL (Topological Types of Ligands)
Collection is a comprehensive storage of ligands and their coordination modes in mononuclear, polynuclear and polymeric coordination compounds.
28 199,225
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