Release notes



Release notes 

ToposPRO (Release date: 31 January 2017)

IsoCryst: The procedure of generating all symmetrically equivalent rings by the command Select/Multiply is implemented.

ToposPRO (Release date: 18 November 2016)

Now you can save the adjacency matrix of structure in CIF-file.

ToposPRO (Release date: 9 September 2016)

Dirichlet: New features are added to the calculation of the adjacency matrix of voids.

ToposPRO (Release date: 15 August 2016)

Dirichlet: The algorithm for calculating the adjacency matrix of voids is improved.

IsoCryst: The projection control commands are added to the tool "Magic Wand":

  • XY-Rotation (pressed Alt); Z-Rotation (pressed Shift);
  • Translation (pressed Ctrl); Magnify/Shrink (pressed Ctrl-Shift).

  • ADS: The algorithm of simplification of rod packings to plane nets is realized.

    Please let us know if you find any critical issue/regression:

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