Searching for all structures containing ligands of a specified composition and/or coordination type 

  1. Specify the options of the filter Filter/Topology/Ligands as shown below to find all compounds containing the ligands of the C10H8N2 composition: (5 compounds)

    What ligands have this composition? Do all of them have the same coordination type?

  2. Find all structures containing bridge (µ2) C10H8N2 ligands of the B2 coordination type:

    Is the number of these structures equal to the number of hits at the previous step? (4 compounds)

  3. Specify two bidentate coordination types (B2 and B01) for C10H8N2 ligands:

    What does the B01 coordination type mean? Use IsoCryst to check on your answer. (5 compounds)

  4. Find all structures containing bridge µ2 ligands with the following options (they are 2):

    Analyze what coordination types can correspond to the µ2 ligands.

  5. Find all structures containing disordered ligands with the following options (7 compounds):

    What ligands are disordered and how? Use IsoCryst to answer the question. The disordered ligands are marked by ‘*’ in the Comment tab of the Crystal Data window:

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