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Release notes 

TORIS 2.3 (Release date: 19 July 2018)

TTD Service:

Extended bitmask values for topology comparison: TS, CS, EPS, VS, TS + CS, TS + EPS, TS,br/ + VS, CS + EPS, CS + VS, EPS + VS, TS + CS + EPS, TS + CS + VS, TS + EPS + VS, CS + EPS + VS, TS + CS + EPS + VS.

Added an additional comparison parameter “Number of Nodes”.

TTO Service:

Added the invariant culture mode for sorting columns with a double data type.

TORIS 2.2.1 (Release date: 24 January 2018)

The operation of the column Z sorting for the refcodes of occurrence in the TTD Service is improved.

TORIS 2.2 (Release date: 25 September 2017)

The remote connection ID for authorization mode is replaced with the user session ID.

Working with the application configuration file is improved.

TORIS 2.1 (Release date: 4 September 2017)

New SBUi (Structure Building Unit) service added.

 The SBU Service provides remote access to the information stored in the SBU database – one of SCTMS databases. There are a few software implementations of the algorithm for assembling of MOF (Metal-organic framework) structures from SBUs. In general, the input information for MOF builders is the geometry and connectivity of SBUs and the topology of the underlying net. The service allows you to select and to upload the data on structural building units that are necessary for MOF builders.

TORIS 2.0 (Release date: 31 December 2016)

Functionalities were added for the ordering of search results, and for trimming of spaces in the search string.

TORIS 1.9 (Release date: 30 October 2016)

Quality of TTR service work was improved.

Please let us know if you find any critical issue/regression:

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