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  1. DBMS (DataBase Management System). General crystallographic information.

  2. Data filtering. AutoCN. Computing and editing an adjacency matrix. Inorganic, organic, metal-organic frameworks and artificial nets.

  3. IsoCryst. Visualizing crystal structures. Geometrical and topological analysis.

  4. ADS. Simplification of crystal structures.

  5. ADS, TTD, TTO, and TTR collections. Identification and taxonomy of nets. Different structure representations.

  6. ADS. Searching for and analyzing entanglements.

  7. ADS. Computing and analyzing natural tilings.

  8. Dirichlet. Constructing Dirichlet domains and computing their characteristics.

  9. Large groups of structures. Data filtering.

  10. Searching for topological relations between nets.

  11. Searching for building units. The Nanoclustering procedure.

  12. Analysis of coordination compounds.

  13. Analysis of polynuclear coordination clusters.

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