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Now you can look for the representatives of topological types in both CSD and ICSD structures at the CSD website via the links from TopCryst!

Demo databases 

The ToposPro program package includes free demo databases. The complete set of the database requires payment.

Total entries:


Free demo


TTD (Topological Types Database) 17,478 191,338
TTO (Topological Types Observed) 122 1,852,272
TTR (Topological Types Relations) - 5,977
TTS (Topological Type Samples) - 14,832
TTM (Topological Types of Molecules) 260 402,618
TTN (Topological Types of Nanoclusters) 102 2,017
TTL (Topological Types of Ligands) 28 199,225
TTT (Topological Types of Tiles) 398 398

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