Copying, moving, deleting and undeleting database records. 


1. Tile windows of the databases CIF_RES and Systre (Window/Tile Vertically command) (or click on the corresponding icon in the menu bar - the last on the right).

2. Order the records in the CIF_RES window alphabetically (clicking the title/bar Compounds on top of the list), select the first 5 records using Insert key and drag them into the Systre window holding Alt key. Answer Yes to the window/question: Move compound(s) to:... The records will be moved to the Systre database.

3. Select all records in the Systre database (press “+” key on the numerical part of the keyboard or use the local menu by right-clicking).

4. Drag the selected records to the CIF_RES window not holding Alt key. The records will be copied.

5. Delete the Systre database (DataBase/Delete command, enter 1 as default user code). The window of the database should be active.

6. Order the records in the CIF_RES window by the record/code number. Click the title/bar Compounds with the right button and select Code Column click now on the bar Code to order according the to record number. Please notice that the record numbers do not correspond to the numbers of lines visible: Topos keep record of the files deleted/moved. To restore the records moved before we use the Show Deleted command of the local menu to show the list with removed records.

7. Notice the negative Code number for deleted records. Select all records and perform the Compound/(Un)delete command (answer Yes to the question "Undelete XX records ?"). Turn to the main list of records (the Show Main command of the local menu).

8. Order the records alphabetically and find the duplicates. Select duplicated records and remove them using the Compound/(Un)delete command. (answer Yes to the question "Delete XX records ?").

9. Clean the database out of the records removed by the Database/Refresh command (enter 1 for user code and answer Yes). Be sure that the removed records have really been cleaned out (the list with removed records must be empty, if you check the “show deleted” command is no more active). Notice that the Code numbers remain unchanged. The total number of entries is reported at the bottom left [7:0:2 means 7 records with the 2th record, with code 9, selected].

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